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Creating The Boho Look

When we hear the word boho, we immediately think of relaxing light-filled interiors, macrame wall art, and gorgeous cane furniture. If you want to create this look yourself, here our our tips for creating the boho look.

Choose a minimalist colour palette

When choosing colours for your boho space, stick to bright whites and muted colours. Include natural materials in the furniture selection, including light timber, cane and ceramics. Don't forget to add a pop of colour with live foliage to break up the white.

Texture is key

When it comes to bohemian design, texture is a great way to add interest without the need to add colour. Texture can come in many forms, such as the choice of linen on throws, rugs and cushions, the decorative materials of clay, stone or ceramics, and of course the choice of wall art.

Stand out from the crowd

Finally, boho style is all about having statement pieces. Whether it be a beautiful cane bedhead, a hand carved coffee table or a unique piece of wall decor, a statement piece will certainly be a conversation starter for your guests.

View our range of paper sculptures below to bring life to your walls.

Hashtag your posts

Have you created a boho inspired look using your FOLD Products?

We'd love to see what you've done by using #FOLDproducts when posting your photos online!


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